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Social Media Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Background Check Policy for Student Employees

MVR Policy for Student Employees




Additional Resources for Student Assistants

Social Media

Student Assistants should carefully consider communications made through social media outlets, particularly when representing UA departments, organizations or programs as student employees. The University of Alabama appreciates the contributions of all members of its online community, and encourages open discussion and the exchange of ideas in a way that adds value to all users.

Anyone using social media at UA should be aware that material published on these outlets may be subject to policies outlined in the UA Staff Handbook, including but not limited to the Standards of Behavior section, as well as any other applicable UA policies or laws.

Student Assistants should follow all social media guidelines set by their hiring department or organization, and review UA’s Social Media Best Practices and Recommendations for additional information.

Sexual Harassment

The University of Alabama is committed to providing an environment for employees, students, and campus visitors that is free from illegal harassment based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or veteran status. Such illegal harassment violates federal civil rights laws and University nondiscrimination policy and may lead to personal liability for the results of such behavior.

The University implements its Harassment Policy through preventive education and training and through procedures for investigating and resolving claims of harassment. Employees and students are encouraged to review the University’s Harassment Policy and participate in training programs, which are offered by a variety of departments and divisions, including the Department of Human Resources.

Employees should report complaints of harassment to the designated Harassment Resource Person for the college, school, or administrative unit in which they are employed or to the Department of Human Resources. Employees who believe for any reason that they cannot effectively communicate their concerns through any of these channels may consult the University Compliance Officer in the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, or if conflicts exist with the University Compliance Officer, employees may consult with the Office of the Provost.

For additional information, please review UA’s Equal Opportunity Policies.


University records, including student information such as contact information, work schedules, class schedules, and grade information, are confidential and protected under a federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).   Under federal law and University policy, student records are protected from disclosure to third parties.  Student Assistants are not permitted to access student, faculty, or staff information unless given a legitimate work-related reason to do so that has been clearly authorized by the Supervisor.

Student Assistants may not directly or indirectly communicate information, including departmental business information, research or correspondence, contained in University records with anyone (such as other students, co-workers, family members, etc.) for any reason, and will maintain privacy of all records during and after employment at the University of Alabama. Additionally, any University records, files or other materials may not be removed from the workplace.

Additional information regarding the University’s Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records and training on that policy and the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act are available to at

Background Check Policy for Student Employees

Pre-employment background investigations are required for final candidates for all graduate student positions. These checks are processed and managed through the Graduate School dean’s office.

Pre-employment background investigations may also be obtained for select undergraduate student positions, as required by the hiring department to meet certain program requirements, or for positions in which the responsibilities are deemed to be sensitive in nature or when a background investigation is required by law.  Some examples include:  

  • Positions with access to University financial and/or sensitive information, records/databases
  • Police, security and safety positions
  • Positions handling cash and checks on a regular basis
  • Positions having unsupervised contact with minors
  • Positions with access to residence hall rooms or high security areas
  • Positions having patient contact or access to prescription medications, other controlled substances, hazardous materials or select agents.
  • Positions responsible for the care, safety and security of animals

Background investigations must be completed prior to an offer of employment.

MVR Policy for Student Employees

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) reports are required for all individuals who are expected to drive, on a regular or routine basis (i.e. daily, weekly or regularly scheduled), a University vehicle. This includes, but may not be limited to, volunteers, students, faculty and staff.

The Office of Risk Management applies MVR review guidelines generally considered to be reasonable and prudent in an effort to reduce accident potential and to prevent allegations of negligent entrustment should a University driver be involved in an accident.

All authorized drivers of University vehicles are required to complete an online defensive driving program. Department heads/supervisors will ensure that individuals under their direction comply with this policy and with the Vehicle Safety Management Program and the Defensive Driving Course when applicable.