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Student Employee of the Year Award



David Hose

David Hose

Graduate Student Assistant, The Culverhouse School of Accounting

The UA Department of Human Resources is proud to highlight the accomplishments of Graduate Student Assistants that contribute to the essential daily operations of The University of Alabama.

David had many responsibilities as a Graduate Student Assistant. He assisted the accounting faculty and staff with ongoing departmental projects, worked with the Culverhouse LIFT program and, as a Co-founder, helped to run the program, coordinated and scheduled academic advising appointments, and kept up with other office assignments such as answering and directing calls to appropriate professional staff. In addition, David held many leadership roles in his time at The University of Alabama including President of The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Project Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers Hack-a-Thon, Director of Fundraising for Beat Auburn, Beat Hunger, Treasurer for Chi Phi Fraternity, as well as a University Ambassador.  

David’s supervisor, Sandy Davidson, Accounting Academic Advisor, has only wonderful things to say about her nominee for Student Employee of the Year. We asked her a share some insight about what made her nominee so extraordinary. ¬†

Q: How has this student demonstrated reliability in the workplace?

The word “no” is not part of David’s vocabulary. Every task is completed in a very professional and prompt manner as if it was the most important thing to do. He is always on time and never misses work, and is always willing to adjust his schedule to meet the department’s needs.

Q: How has this student demonstrated above average quality of work?

He is always there and takes on projects and requests others would shy away from. We often seek his advice on student’s perspective on various matters, as he is very tuned in to the mission of the school. Faculty, staff, and other Culverhouse administrators feel very comfortable with seeking his assistance. Sometimes situations come up that have to be handled with the correct attitude and knowledge of the subject matter. He does a wonderful job and keeps things going very smoothly.

Q: How has this student demonstrated initiative at work?

David volunteers and steps in for faculty and staff whenever he sees help is needed before being asked. When I recently lost my voice, David stepped in and made my presentation to a group of over 200 students. He has also spoken at other Culverhouse functions such as the School of Accountancy faculty meeting and the Dean’s Board of Visitors. He makes it a point to stay on top of day to day issues with the Culverhouse School of Accountancy. It is so great to have him on the front line in the office as he is able to respond to questions and handle each with a satisfactory¬† conclusion, instead of forwarding to a staff member, freeing us up to work on other tasks.

Q: How has this student demonstrated professionalism in the workplace?

David is such a wonderful individual with a strong sense of ethics and professionalism. He has a very positive attitude and is a real joy to be around. He is probably the best dressed student assistant we have ever had. He makes each person who enters the office feel welcome and is respected by all.

Q: How has this student made a unique contribution to the workplace?

As a Master of Accountancy student in the Culverhouse School of Accountancy, David has the personal experience and knowledge of the workings of the Accounting program and the profession to provide valuable insight to the students and other guests who seek assistance. I often look to him for his input on how to approach students on various issues. David is a great resource to our students in providing detailed information on items such as the GMAT, benefits of an internship, networking, academic information on our programs, course curriculum, and college life here at UA. He is an excellent speaker and has been called on many times in this capacity.

He is Co-founder of the LIFT Program (Learning Initiative & Financial Training) and teaches and coordinates the program. This program provides free job skills training classes in the community at places such as Open Door Baptist Church, McDonald Hughes Community Center, The Edge Small Business Center, Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Holt High School. This program provides job skills to improve the job marketability of the unemployed and underemployed in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas. In addition, free training is provided to low-income, minority and disadvantaged individuals. Lastly, training is provided to support the small business community and local entrepreneurs.

David also serves as the student President of the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). The UA Chapter provides students with an opportunity to learn more about fraud and hear from professionals who have seen and experienced fraud related issues first hand. Speakers discuss issues such as fraud investigation, loss prevention, accounting, auditing, criminology, sociology, law and more. David also does a great job reaching out across campus to majors beyond accounting to participate in this exciting organization

* * *

The University of Alabama employs more than 4,000 student employees in any given academic year.  If you are interested in learning more about providing student employment opportunities or working as a Student Assistant, please contact Austin Fann at 348-4354 or