Meet Stephanie Charles!

Photo of Stephanie Charles receiving Award


Stephanie is the Coordinator for the Sitters for Service program: Advocate for UA students with children who organizes and implements the Sitters for Service Program that offers student parents free childcare utilizing university volunteer sitters and work study students. Serves as an important resource for students with questions related to retention, isolation, childcare, and other identified risk factors that keep students from staying in school. The coordinator plans, implements, and evaluates every aspect of the sitter program. Key events include sitter interviews, program orientation, sitter training sessions, and drop-off center oversight. The coordinator oversees all appointment scheduling, evaluations, and reports.

Stephanie’s greatest attributes are her undaunting dedication to excellence and her ability to stay positive no matter what challenge she is faced with. For example, the first year Stephanie took over as the Sitters for Service Coordinator she doubled the number of volunteers in the program, taking the program from 40 sitters to 85. She took it upon herself to find numerous new and creative ways to recruit sitters and then she followed up by interviewing close to 100 new sitters. When faced with challenges such as a shortage of sitters at drop-off, she is calm and collected and finds help, even if it means calling her fellow graduate students from her department to come and help.

Ms. Charles is both a leader and a servant who has passion to do more and achieve more than those before her, while working to set an example of excellence for those who will follow her. She leads by example and always works passionately until everything is completed with excellence. For example, in addition to teaching the volunteer sitters CPR, Stephanie created training sessions and professional development activities for the students. She noticed that there were gaps in the sitters’ training and she stepped up and went above and beyond creating excellent curriculum we can use for years to come.