Meet Abhishek Keshari!

Abhi is a Senior working with Space Planning and Resource Management. He essentially serves as a programmer and developer, working on multiple applications and managing the architecture of a database of ADA barriers.

Abhi’s contributions as an undergraduate student employee are immense and appreciated. His interest in the Microsoft Power Platform allowed him to build solutions for the department that serve niches in various business and work processes. He has automated 10 processes. His department arranged for him to work during the pandemic where he developed a comparable app that the vendor quoted at approximately $60,000. And he is currently working to complete an application that will assist in the UA Capital Development plan. He is well known and respected by senior OIT and Campus Development staff.

Abhi’s supervisor, Clint Hamner shared the following when describing Abhi’s talents, “Too many times I forget he is a student employee because of his high ceiling for adapting and learning. He makes things work and has earned the phrase of “AbhiHack” to describe using all means necessary to bypass an obstacle to get to ta solution.”

Abhi is the past president of the Nepali Student Association, which includes 40 students and 30 family members. He is currently the administrator and primary contact for this grop. His positive experience at the Capstone has turned him into a recruiter for some of Nepal’s brightest. Under his leadership the Nepali Student Association raised funds for the Himalayan Cataract Project and the local Soup Kitchen.

Abhi has felt a responsibility to his community since he is a torchbearer. When he graduates in May, he will be the first ever Nepali Undergraduate from UA. And we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you because of the investment that UA and this community has made in him.

Congratulations Abhi! The University of Alabama’s Student Employee of the Year.