Getting Paid

As a Student Assistant, you will be responsible for confirming your work schedule with your supervisor, as well as documenting and submitting your hours worked for each pay period. Please be sure to review any specific departmental procedures for submitting time with your supervisor.

UA e-Time

Student Assistants are required to complete biweekly time sheets. Hours are submitted online through the UA e-Time system, located on the ‘Employee’ tab on myBama. Refer to the UA e-Time Timesheet Entry Users Guide for additional information.

Your supervisor will approve the number of hours you submit through the online timesheet approval process. If you make a mistake when entering your time, notify your supervisor immediately so they can make the required corrections before the payroll period ends.

Failure to record and submit your hours worked as required may result in errors or delays on your paycheck. Be sure to review any errors or problems with your supervisor.

Payroll Schedules

The bi-weekly payroll is processed every other week with payday on Fridays. Direct deposits are available on payday. Checks may be picked up at the Human Resources Administration Building Suite 1001, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

W-2 Forms

Banner Self Service allows you to print your W-2 on demand.  If you lose your original W-2 or need an additional copy for any reason, you have the ability to access and reprint your W-2 using Banner Self-Service.  Banner Self Service W-2 reprints conform to federal and state government standards and can be used for filing your tax returns. Refer to W-2 Printing Instructions for directions on accessing and printing a copy of your W-2.

Updating Personal Information

Student Assistants may update personal information such as address, marital status or emergency contact information using Banner Self-Service. Refer to Change of Address, Marital Status or Emergency Contact for instructions.

For additional assistance with general payroll questions, please call the HR Service Center at (205)348-7732.