What types of jobs can be posted on the UA Student Jobsite?
We post part-time job opportunities for students currently attending UA. Off-Campus jobs are from local businesses in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas, and include positions at hospitals, banks, medical and realty offices, leasing offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants and more. Jobs can vary in required duties and degree of difficulty, from entry-level office or customer service positions to various internship opportunities requiring specific skills or work experience.

All off-campus student job opportunities are posted at the discretion of the HR Office of Student Employment. We will not advertise unpaid positions or jobs for third party employers or employment agencies. Jobs must not require students to invest, purchase supplies or pay a fee as a condition of employment. The HR Office of Student Employment reserves the right to refuse to post any job that does not support the interest of the University.


What information is needed to post a job on the UA Student Jobsite? 
We’ll need information about the employer, including the company name and location, a job title, and a description of basic job duties and responsibilities – including work schedule requirements, any minimum or preferred qualifications requirements, and the anticipated start date for the job.

Employers should also include instructions on how applicants can apply, such as a link to an online application form for your company, an email address to which applicants can send resumes, or other contact information.


Who will be able to see my job posting?
All UA students are able to view job postings on the UA Student Jobsite. We also notify students when new jobs are posted through our social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. 

While off-campus jobs posted on our jobsite are intended to reach UA students, employers must expect that jobs may also be viewable by the general public. 


How long can I post a job on the UA Student Jobsite?
Unless otherwise specified, off-campus jobs are posted for 3 days, and on-campus jobs are posted for 7 days. We will not post the same position for longer than 3 months. At that time, the hiring manager will need to submit a new requisition to be posted.


Who can I contact if I have more questions?
To contact the HR Office of Student Employment, email us at uastudentjobs@ua.edu. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm.