Selecting the Best Student for the Job

Taking the time to post the job opening and interview students for on-campus employment will give you the opportunity to accurately assess whether or not student applicants have appropriate experience, or if they can be trained to meet job skills and requirements. When selecting students for employment at UA, supervisors should keep in mind that many students have no previous job search and/or work experience.

Interviewing Student Applicants

Conducting interviews will not only provide students with valuable job search experience, but will also help you make informed decisions about student applicants when selecting the one that is the best fit for the job and your department.

Suggested items to discuss during an interview include the job description and requirements, relevant skills and experience – including work experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, required schedule and work hours, pay rate, an estimated start date for the job, and when the student can expect to hear from you if they are selected for the position.  Supervisors can contact the HR Office of Student Employment for additional information and assistance.

Once you have selected a student for hire, follow the steps below to be sure your new Student Assistant starts off on the right foot.

Ensure Students Meet Enrollment Requirements

On-campus jobs are available only to students who are currently enrolled and meet eligibility requirements at The University of Alabama. It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure that student employees meet and maintain enrollment and eligibility requirements during employment; supervisors should ask students for a copy of their class schedule at time of hire and at the beginning of each semester to ensure they are registered for the required number of credits hours.

Undergraduate Students

  • Must be enrolled in a UA degree program
  • Must be registered for at least 6 credit hours during fall/spring semesters

Graduate Students

  • Must be enrolled in a UA degree program
  • Must be registered for at least 4.5 credit hours during fall/spring semesters (see Graduate Student Employment Policy for additional details)

International Students

  • Must be in lawful F-1 or J-1 Visa status
  • Must be enrolled in a UA degree program
  • Must be registered as a full-time UA student (undergraduate-12 credit hours, graduate-9 credit hours) during fall/spring semesters

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

  • Must be accepted into a UA degree program
  • Must have a CWID number
  • Must have completed registration for at least 6 credit hours for first semester

Enrollment requirements must be maintained for the duration of employment as a Student Assistant. Students that drop classes or otherwise change enrollment status to no longer meet the appropriate credit hour requirements cannot continue working in a student position.

Students Assistants that are completing their final semester at UA and will be graduating may work in a student position until their graduation date without meeting minimum enrollment requirements.

Complete and Submit Required Paperwork

Supervisors are required to submit hiring paperwork for all student employees, including the Personnel Action Form (ePA Form) and all required tax forms. Supervisors should advise students that they will be required to complete employment forms on their first day of work, and will need to provide appropriate identification for this purpose.

View more information about the types of forms and paperwork supervisors should complete. 

Provide Training for Student Employees

For many students, an on-campus job may also be their first job in a professional work environment. Supervisors will play a key role in the future employment success for student assistants by providing appropriate training, and should make every effort to encourage student employees to develop characteristics of good judgment, dependability, initiative, and responsibility.

Orientation & Student Assistant Training
New Student Assistant Orientation is an important element of the student employment recruitment and retention process. Orientation helps Student Assistants feel welcome, and aids in adjusting to the job and workplace environment.

Compliance Training
In order to meet state and federal requirements as well as University policy, mandatory online training on specific topics, including the UA Child Protection Policy and Hazard Communication/Right to Know, has been implemented for ALL University employees – including all student employees.

Mandatory compliance training courses must be completed on an annual basis.  Training will be completed online using the SkillSoft Training Academy system. Supervisors and students will receive an email notification with instructions for the required online training within two weeks of the student’s hire date.

For more information about compliance training, please contact the HR Learning and Development office at 205-348-9700 or

Departmental Training
Each department should also provide training for new Student Assistants that explains general office procedures, emergency procedures, workplace expectations, how to report hours and the unique duties of individual areas.

During the course of employment, some Student Assistants may have access to confidential student or University information. At no time are student employees to use their on-campus position to access personal University or student data for any reason unrelated to work assignments, nor are they to share such confidential information with those outside the workplace.

All Student Assistants should be made aware that failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to or including termination from employment. The Confidentiality Agreement for Student Employment should be used to help explain the importance of this policy, and signed by the Student Assistant.


For more information on student recruitment, offers, and onboarding, please visit our Supervisor Onboarding Guide.